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Step into a world of enchantment with our Date Night Tincture, a body scrub designed for the ultimate seduction. Crafted for the modern woman who loves to leave a lingering, sensual aroma after her shower, this scrub is an essential for date nights, intimate cuddles, or at home luxurious spa days.

Infused with the richness of organic shea butter and cocoa butter, our scrub pampers your skin, leaving it deeply nourished, irresistibly smooth, and velvety to the touch. The heart of this scrub lies in its captivating blend of pumpkin extract and essential oil, creating a warm, subtly sexy fragrance that is both sophisticated and alluring. Each application wraps your skin in a seductive scent that’s just enough to turn heads, yet never overpowering. It's your secret weapon for those moments when you want to feel exceptionally desirable.

*Reviews are directly from verified HER juice bar customers.


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