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L.A. OWENS now featuring Intimate Care by HER Juice Bar

"Elixirs for intimate issues

Natural, cruelty-free, gynecologist-approved"

"Self-care for down there"

"Born at the bar."

"It all started after rounds of cocktails and intimate conversations. Opening up with our friends, we discovered a core truth: we’ve all experienced some sort of down-there-scare.

Whether an infection, irritation, intimacy issue, or simply an ingrown, our private parts had been kept exactly that for too long: private.

We weren’t alone. And we wanted the world to know it.

Her Juice Bar is on a mission to help women all over the world open up, so you can comfortably and confidently take back control of your vaginal health, sexual pleasure, and reproductive system. We believe all women, of all ages, deserve to feel the sweet relief from dryness." d""scomfort, and discharge.

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