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Transform your living space into a haven of luxury and tranquility with the Everlast Luxe Steel Candle Set. This unique, patent-pending creation, offers an unparalleled experience in home ambiance.

Product Highlights:

Relight Thousands of Times: An investment in enduring elegance, these candles can be ignited repeatedly, ensuring a lasting glow.

Clean Burning, Real Flame: Experience the charm of a real flame without the mess. Our candles burn cleanly, adding warmth without smoke or residue.

Instant Luxury: The sleek design and timeless appeal of steel candles instantly elevate your home's aesthetic.

Never Melts: A revolutionary concept in home decor, these candles maintain their form, providing endless beauty.

Sets Include: Each set is a complete package of our infinity signature Oil, the infinity steel candles, and a tastefully designed vase to complement any interior.


$59.99 Regular Price
$49.79Sale Price
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