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Image by David Klein

L.A. short for LeAndrea, a lady who wears many, many hats.  A little about L.A.,  a native Floridian who grew up on the west coast in the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg.  She moved to Central Florida ten years ago and recently moved back to the Tampa Bay area fall of 2022.


As an author, inspirational/motivational coach/ influencer,  consultant and now boutique owner, needless to say her hands have molded various projects into seeing the light of day. Fashion, for Mrs. Owens was no different - she hit the ground running with her new online boutique to grow it in a timely manner. Today, online shopping is the same for L.A. as her love for catalog shopping was back in the 90's.  Back then, it provided a way for L.A. to receive quality, affordable clothing that she didn't see everyone in the office, church, restaurants, and at the malls wearing.


Shop  L.A. Owens is all about, a unique look... bringing that women's fashions of the 70's foxy and classy style back to life.  Accompanied with that and her love to help others, this boutique is the tool to help countless others reinvent, create and to feel good about themselves.  L.A.'s desire is to take that headache away that most women face of looking good on a budget because that woman is also in the pursuit of accomplishing her dreams.  Look no further, it is L.A. and her team of professionals' pleasure to be of assistance to you and your fashion needs. By all means, SHOP THE LOOK today!


Healing if you need a little self-help, inspiration or some motivation L.A.'s books are available for purchase 'everywhere books are sold.  (Search: Leandrea Rivers)


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