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Successful, self-published author of “The Most Loved” Leandrea Rivers, is at it again. This time, with a brilliant and masterful collaborative poetry series. “Dare I Express It” features two talented poets: Ms. Rivers and Dwayne McLendon.

This first volume of the “Dare I Express It” series explores the journeys of true love, love lost and love found. What’s unique is Leandrea Rivers’ ability to shed light on the beauty of self-love, acceptance of others and passionate need for romance. Rivers believes every young girl dreams of being a princess. Unfortunately, when these same girls become women, they realize a few frogs may have to be kissed before they experience their prince charming rescuing them. She eloquently captures the want and need of women desiring men who have the knowledge and ability to display chivalry, engage in intriguing dialogue and men with a zest for life. Her poems (I Wish I Hadn’t Told You, I Should Have Been and Words Spoken) are insightful, encouraging, divinely beautiful and most of all, eye opening. This collection of poems parallel the four seasons that so many of us face; light rains, intense heat, brisk passing winds, and brutal cold.

Dwayne McLendon explores conversations surrounding “Judgment”, the idea that “Realistically, we pre-judge people and people don't change, they’re portraying who they really are!” McLendon begs to differ and offers poems (Who Says Men Don’t Cry, No Assembly Required, and I’m For Real) that unchain our thoughts and cast down many of the stereotypes that women and men place on each other. Once unchained, we are left with insight to help us produce healthy and harmonious relationships—both romantic and platonic. He challenges the reader to relinquish any prejudices and concentrate on redefining “self” instead. Ladies are ushered into the heart and thoughts of a man and gentlemen are given discerning, yet positive perspectives about manhood …Dare I Express It

DARE I EXPRESS IT: Heal the Past, Live the Present, Dream the Future

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